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How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost? | Latest Pricing Guide @2022

How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does a Professional Rug Cleaning Cost in Sydney?

How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost? Your rugs are very essential in your home. They give a great look to your house and are also useful in absorbing the dust particles in your house. Rugs can be very expensive when compared to normal carpets. Cleaning your rugs regularly is very important to avoid diseases and infections caused by the dust and bacteria that gets accumulated on the rugs. Uncleaned rugs can also result in many other problems too. You can either hire professional cleaners to clean the rugs or you can do it by yourself. In this blog, we have discussed “How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost?” To know in detail about rug cleaning costs, read the blog thoroughly. 

How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost

Following Are The Factors That Affecting Rug Cleaning Prices in Sydney

There are various factors that affect rug cleaning prices. Some of the most important factors are the location, type of cleaning service, age of the rug, size of the rug, and the number of rugs you want to get cleaned. These are some of the most common factors affecting the cost of cleaning the rugs. 

  1. Size Of The Rugs- The size of your rugs is the most crucial reason for pricing the cleaning. Depending upon the area and square footage the price of cleaning might differ. The average cost for cleaning an 8 foot by 10 foot rug is around $240. As the size of the rugs increases, the price will also increase eventually. Many companies charge according to the square foot and there are also some companies that charge cleaning prices depending on the number of rugs to be cleaned. 
  1. Location- The location where you are located is a very important factor in affecting the price of rug cleaning. Some people stay far away from the city and the price of cleaning the rugs might increase sometimes. If your home is close to the city, the charges may be less. Although there are different charges for companies for different locations. Some might charge less and some might charge more. The average cleaning price is around $120 to $180 and the transportation prices differ based on your location. 
  1. Age Of The Rugs- The aging of the rugs is also one of the reasons for differentiation in the price. If the rugs are older the price of cleaning will increase as they need more effort and care while cleaning. The cleaning solutions used for aged rugs are more expensive than the normal ones. Old rugs also can be easily torn so it is important to take necessary precautions while cleaning them. This is why companies charge more for cleaning old rugs. 
  1. Type Of Rugs- Depending on the material used for the rugs, the cleaning price will differ. There are various types of materials by which the rugs are made. Some of the common materials are synthetic, cotton, and wool rugs. 
  • Synthetic rugs cost around $1 to $3 per square foot to get professionally cleaned. As synthetic rugs are cheap, you might find it expensive to get them cleaned by professionals.  
  • Cotton rug cleaning costs around $3 to $5 per square foot. Dry cleaning is the process that is mainly used for cleaning cotton rugs. It can also be cleaned by the steam cleaning method. 
  • Wool rugs cleaning will cost around $4 to $8 per square foot. Professionals use dry cleaning methods because they cannot tolerate high-temperature steam. Professionals also recommend washing the wool rugs before cleaning them. 
  • Other rugs might be very expensive to have cleaned. It will charge around $4 to $8 to clean them. 
  1. Cleaning Method- The cleaning method is also one of the main reasons that affect the pricing of rug cleaning. Professionals mainly use steam cleaning as it is very useful and effective for removing stains and spots using natural ways. Professionals also use deep cleaning methods to clean the rugs. Deep cleaning of rugs is very useful to remove all kinds of stains and spots from the rugs. 

Get Professional Help- How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost? Hiring professionals is also very important to clean your rugs properly. There are various benefits such as prevention from wear and tear and it also helps save your money and time. Professionals have the best ideas about cleaning the rugs.

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