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Caring For Your Upholstery is Our Priority: Hire Our Couch and Sofa Steam Cleaning Services in Sydney

A couch and sofa could be a great place to relax and watch TV, but they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria when not cleaned regularly. To solve these problems, our professional upholstery cleaners provide professional couch and sofa steam cleaning services in Sydney. We are a local cleaning company, 711 Carpet Cleaning Sydney that specializes in couch and sofa cleaning. Our team will come to your home and clean your sofa with the best cleaning strategies available in the market. We have been in business for 25 years, with over 40k satisfied customers

We provide both residential and commercial services to Sydney’s people. Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to delivering the best service possible for our clients. Call us and hire our Professional Sofa Cleaning Sydney services.

Features of our couch and upholstery cleaning services that you will be benefited from

  • Delivers Quality Results
  • Naturally Pleasant Smell
  • Extend Product Life
  • Using Non-toxic Products
  • Keeping Colours Bright
  • Less Expensive Service

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    We Apply Advanced Methods and Techniques to Clean Your Sofa

    We have been providing professional couch and Upholstery Cleaning services since 1996. Our services include Couch steam cleaning, Sofa steam cleaning, Couch dry cleaning, Sofa dry cleaning, Leather couch cleansing, Fabric couch cleansing, etc. We apply the best and most advanced cleaning techniques to clean your sofas and couches.

    Leather Sofa Cleaning Sydney

    Leather Sofa Cleaning Sydney

    We offer professional leather sofa cleaning services for all types of leather furniture and upholstery in your home or office, including suede and nubuck.

    Sofa Steam Cleaning Sydney

    Sofa Steam Cleaning Sydney

    We specialize in deep-down sofa steam cleaning, upholstery fabric steam cleaning, and couch steam cleaning. In the steam cleaning process, we apply the best sofa steam cleaners to make sure that your sofa is getting its original look back with professional care.

    Couch Dry Cleaning

    Couch Dry Cleaning Sydney

    You can rely on our certified cleaners to bring your couch back to life with a thorough deep-down vacuum and dry clean treatment that will leave them looking like new again. Our dry cleaning process is also affordable.

    Fabric Sofa Cleaning in Sydney

    Fabric Sofa Cleaning in Sydney

    No matter what type of fabric your sofa is made from, we take care of it properly to avoid any damage or stains on it while cleaning. Our professional cleaners specialize in fabric sofas and clean them with special tricks.

    Sofa Stain and Mould Removal

    Stain and Mould Removal

    Stain and mould removal is a service that can be done by our professionals with harmless cleaning methods. Our service providers are experts in the field and they know how to clean your sofa and remove mold without damaging it.

    Advanced Couch Fabric Protection

    Advanced Fabric Protection

    Fabric sofas are one of the most popular types of furniture in Australia. They give a stylish look to any room and they make it feel more comfortable. The only downside is that they require more maintenance than other types of furniture. So, we give Advanced Fabric Protection services.

    The Process We Opt For a Couch and
    Sofa Cleaning in Sydney

    When it comes to the living room, couch and sofa cleaning is one of the most important tasks. It is not just about the aesthetics of your living room but also about your health. We have seen a lot of people opt for professional upholstery cleaning in order to maintain a healthy environment. And, the process of couch Cleaning does matter too and we complete the procedure with our best acknowledgment.

    • Our professional Couch Cleaning Sydney team, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and debris first before using chemical cleaners like bleach or disinfectant spray.
    • To give the best results, we use a soft cloth to wet the surface and remove all spillages and spots.
    • We use a spray cleaner to spot-clean any stubborn stains and then leave the cleaner for 10 to 20 minutes.
    • After that, we use chemical cleaners for complete couch stain removal.
    • To keep your couch attractive, we again use a vacuum cleaner and give a final look to your upholstery or couch.
    • Then, we use steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods according to the couch’s requirements or condition. Our professional cleaners will use powerful chemicals that are safe for you and your family.
    Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney

    Embrace The Freshness in Your Couches We Specialise in Leather Lounge Cleaning

    There are many facilities that you get by booking our Upholstery Cleaning Sydney services. We especially embrace the freshness of your couches and upholstery items. Our professionals make sure that they clean every inch of your couch, sofa, or chair to perfection. We clean different stuff related to upholstery like Dining chairs, Sofas, Recliner chairs, Armchairs, Lounge cleaning, Office chairs, Leather steam cleaning, Couches, and cushions.

    Benefits You Get By Booking Our Sydney Upholstery Cleaning Services

    When it comes to cleaning upholstery and fabric, one of the most important tasks is to get rid of odors that can be too hard. But you will feel good to know that Sofa or Upholstery Cleaning has many benefits. These include:

    • Making your home a healthier space for you and your family.
    • Boosting the resale value of your couch or upholstery.
    • Ensuring that your furnishings are in top shape for years to come.
    • Improving the air quality in your home.
    • Making your couch look like new and extending its lifespan.
    • Take the worry out of what to do with your furniture when you get our services.
    • Customizing the cleaning options for maximum efficiency when you book Sofa Cleaning Sydney service.

    Why Do People Trust Us For Professionals Couch Steam Cleaning Sydney?

    People trust our company because we are honest and reliable. We always make sure that we provide the best service to our clients. Here are some reasons to hire us:

    Modern Equipment

    Modern equipment

    Our Professional Couch Cleaners offer a wide range of services. Our Sydney upholstery cleaners use modern equipment such as Electrostatic Upholstery Cleaning Machines to give you the best results in upholstery cleaning.

    Payment Flexibility And Discount

    Payment flexibility and discount

    Our clients have the option of paying with cash or a card. We accept all major credit cards and we also offer discounts for regular customers who book weekly or monthly.

    Trained And Equipped

    Trained and equipped

    All our staff members are fully trained for CPPCCL3014A – Clean fabric upholstery and well-equipped to provide a wide range of services. Our vans have Vacuum, Steam Cleaners, Squeegee Machines, Air Compressors, and other equipment required to clean any surface of the couch.

    Customer Friendly


    We have a team of professionals who are customer-friendly and can provide you quick solutions.



    We are located in the heart of Sydney and our professional cleaners have over 25 years of experience in cleaning.


    There are many factors that influence the price of Couch Steam Cleaning in Sydney. The size of the couch, the type of material, and how often you clean it are all factors that affect the cost. The cost can range anywhere from $ 100 – $1000. If you have a more delicate couch, then you will more than likely have to pay more for your cleaning services than someone who has a normal couch. Well, all professional steam clean couch Sydney services will be as affordable as possible.

    Our professionals use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the dirt from the sofa. In the next step, our Sydney upholstery cleaners use a damp sponge with mild soap and rub it on the dirtiest parts of your sofa. We avoid rubbing too hard so we don’t scratch or damage the fabric and complete the cleaning process.

    Every three to six months, the upholstery should be professionally cleaned. However, some accidents require instant cleaning. You can call us for Couch or upholstery steam cleaning services in Sydney.

    The process we use for upholstery cleaning is steam cleaning, dry cleaning, stain removal, upholstery odour removal, sanitization, and many more. To get a booking of Upholstery Cleaning, contact us immediately.

    After cleaning the sofa, you must allow it to air dry. We advise waiting 4-6 hours before sitting on your sofa because there are a few elements that can either speed up or slow down the dry time.

    Mix 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 cup warm water, and 1 tablespoon of dish soap or Castile soap for fabric upholstery. Fill a spray bottle with. Spritz the dirty area. Rub gently until the stain disappears.

    Maintaining the cleanliness of your upholstery will keep the colours vibrant and the textures as they should be, preserving its beauty. Cleaning also removes stains and odours. If you have pets, cleaning is even more crucial because dogs can expose your upholstery to pollutants for an extended period of time.


    “Fantastic Couch Steam Cleaning Sydney service is given by your team. I needed my living room couch cleaned as well as two sizable cream fabric chairs, and the team’s quotation was the most affordable one I had received. The company’s professionals were kind and able to work with my work schedule.
    Anish Rony
    “Fantastic service! My couch in the living room and fabric chairs were cleaned by the company’s team, and communication during appointment scheduling was excellent. Professional in every sense. I really recommend this company to everyone who needs Couch Cleaning in Sydney.
    Holly Huddlestone
    “Excellent service. The company’s professionals came to clean the leather sofa and upholstery in our home. He had to move a small amount of furniture, but it wasn’t difficult. Quickly and effectively, the upholstery looked brand new. I will undoubtedly utilize their services once more.
    Bischel Robert


    Was able to fix my problems quickly

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    20 December 2022

    The best thing that I can say about the company’s professionals is that they were able to fix my water damage restoration problems quickly. The prices were also acceptable, and the employees were very professional. I would definitely recommend them.


    Experienced professionals

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    20 December 2022

    Our house was flooded by a broken water pipe and I needed help. I contacted the team, and they got back to me with a quote right away. I scheduled an appointment for the next day and when the team came over, they were very nice. They really knew what they were doing and had everything drying out in no time! My husband was so impressed he wants them to come every year for maintenance.

    Rilee smith

    Best water damage restoration services

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    20 December 2022

    I’ve always been concerned about water damage. I was always afraid of the consequences of flood damage. That’s why I sought out the best water damage restoration services and found 711 Carpet Cleaning Sydney. The company professionals are responsible and affordable so that is all anyone could want from a flood restoration business firm.

    John Marlin

    Serving Couch Cleaning Service Sydney-Wide

    • Couch Cleaning in Parramatta
    • Couch Cleaning in Blacktown
    • Couch Cleaning in Campbelltown
    • Couch Cleaning in Castle Hill
    • Couch Cleaning in Hornsby
    • Couch Cleaning in North Sydney
    • Couch Cleaning in Ryde
    • Couch Cleaning in Mosman
    • Couch Cleaning in Lane Cove
    • Couch Cleaning in Chatswood
    • Couch Cleaning in Baulkham Hills
    • Couch Cleaning in Cronulla
    • Couch Cleaning in Bondi
    • Couch Cleaning in Hurstville
    • Couch Cleaning in Kellyville
    • Couch Cleaning in Maroubra
    • Couch Cleaning in Caringbah
    • Couch Cleaning in Balmain
    • Couch Cleaning in Mortdale
    • Couch Cleaning in Marrickville
    • Couch Cleaning in Dural
    • Couch Cleaning in Bankstown
    • Couch Cleaning in Potts Point
    • Couch Cleaning in Rouse Hill
    • Couch Cleaning in Emu Plains
    • Couch Cleaning in Narellan
    • Couch Cleaning in Quakers Hill
    • Couch Cleaning in Greystanes
    • Couch Cleaning in Merrylands
    • Couch Cleaning in Mount Druitt
    • Couch Cleaning in Penshurst
    • Couch Cleaning in Castle Hill
    • Couch Cleaning in Seven Hills
    • Couch Cleaning in South Penrith
    • Couch Cleaning in Glenmore Park

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