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    Rug Wash Specialists For Quick and Deep Rug Cleaning Services in Sydney

    Are you looking for professional rug cleaning services in Sydney? We offer reliable steam or dry rug cleaning and washing services to keep your carpets clean, fresh and looking great. Our certified and insured team will get the job done quickly and efficiently, so give us a call today!

    Bringing New Life to Your Treasured Rugs With Professional Touch

    Often, people aren’t aware that cleaning and maintaining high-quality rugs require gentle cleaning and careful immersion in water. As an experienced Area Rug Cleaning Company with over 25 years of experience, we provide our customers with quality, advanced technology, highly trained professional expertise, and unmatched customer service.

    Besides making your rugs neat and clean, we strive our best to retain their shine and gleam for the longest time possible. We apply Scotchgard, deodorise, and sanitise solutions as a protective layer on your freshly cleaned rugs, protecting them from catching any further stains and dirt. Our Sydney rug cleaners can fix any kind of problem be it stains, dirt, grime, moulds, allergens, bugs and dust mites or bad smells.

    • DRYING

    Range Of Our Rug Steam and Dry Cleaning Services in Sydney

    Having your rug professionally cleaned periodically will preserve its beauty and value. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned will restore its rich colour, and softness, and help preserve its quality and life as we use safe rug cleaning chemicals and products. Our recommendations depend on how much foot traffic your rug gets, pets, spills, and soiling. We offer a comprehensive Rug Cleaning Service that includes the following–

    • Rug Steam Cleaning
    • Rug Stain Removal
    • Rug Odour Treatment
    • Rug Mould Treatment
    • Rug Sanitization
    • Rug Deodorization
    Rug Cleaning Sydney

    Rug Cleaning Services Offered:

    We use a comprehensive approach to washing and cleaning both natural and synthetic fibre rugs. Our experienced staff utilise the latest technology in order to give your rugs an optimal clean, removing mud, dirt, and allergens safely. We take great care with our cleaning process so that you can have beautiful, long-lasting rugs for years to come!

    Our Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning your carpets in Sydney can make a difference. Professional carpet cleaners use specialized deep cleaning equipment and solutions to lift the dirt, dust, and other particles from your carpets’ fibers, which helps the rug look like new again. The process also removes allergens, bacteria and odours from your rugs, creating a healthier environment for you and your family or colleagues.

    Persian rug cleaning: Are you looking for professional Persian rug cleaning services in Sydney? Look no further! Our experienced technicians use the most advanced cleansing processes to deeply clean, sanitise and protect your Oriental rugs from insect damage. With our high standards of quality control, you can trust that your rug will look as good as new.

    Are you looking for a professional rug cleaning service in Sydney? Then look no further than Persian Rug Cleaning. Our team of experienced experts specialize in all types of rug cleaning and restoration, utilizing the most cutting-edge techniques to ensure your rugs and carpets are left spotless and refreshed. Contact us today to book an appointment!

    Pet-related mishaps or deep-set dirt: our experienced technicians have you covered. We offer a treatment tailored to your specific needs, using only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure your rugs look like new again. Contact us today for fast, reliable service at an unbeatable price!

    We offer professional rug cleaning services in Sydney. Our experienced staff uses high-quality, safe and gentle cleaning products that will leave your rugs looking like new. We can deliver your rugs straight to your door or they can be collected from our premises. Our rug cleaning services are fast and reliable, so you can be sure that your rugs will be returned fresh and free from dirt and pet hair. Get top-notch Rug Cleaning in Sydney with Pet Response today!

    Oriental Rug Cleaning and Care: Our professional rug cleaning and maintenance. We don’t clean carpets, upholstery or tiles–only rugs! Our experienced staff works hard to ensure your valuable possessions are cleaned with the utmost care so you can treasure them for years to come.

    We specialize in carpet and Oriental rug cleaning, so your carpets and floor coverings will look brand new again. Our professional team uses advanced techniques and the latest cleaning products to ensure your rugs are thoroughly cleaned with thorough-but-gentle attention. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

    Need your rug cleaned in Sydney? Look no further we are IICRC Certified cleaners. At our Inner West base of operations, we clean rugs in Sydney, the Southern Highlands, Central Coast and Blue Mountains areas!

    How We Clean Your Rugs?

    Rug Inspections

    Rug Inspections

    Our first step is to inspect and measure your area rug. Our rug professionals individually examine each rug for any potential problems such as stains, pet damage and moulds. Our team can determine the best rug cleaning method for you based on this information, including odour removal and stain removal.

    Removal Of Dry Soil

    Removal Of Dry Soil

    Dust and soil are removed from your rug using a rug duster. It rotates the rug upside down as it goes through the automated duster. You can only vacuum surface dust with your home vacuum, not dirt and grime deep inside your home. During the Rug Cleaning Sydney process, it is important to remove the deep grime so it doesn’t get “ground in” or pushed deeper into the rug fibres.

    Cleaning Area Rugs

    Cleaning Area Rugs

    Once each rug is cleaned with the automated cleaning machine, it is washed with a mild PH-neutral formula. We use an eco-friendly rug cleaning formula that is safe for people and the environment. The rug is then rinsed thoroughly with water on the top and bottom by the machine.

    Process Of Rug Drying

    Process Of Rug Drying

    Upon cleaning, the rug hung in a temperature-controlled drying room. We use a direct-fire furnace and turbulence fans to circulate air at a high temperature, enabling the rug to completely dry in a short amount of time.

    Check Each Rug

    Check Each Rug

    Our service is now preparing your rug for the final inspection. Each rug was cleaned and groomed during the servicing process.

    rug cleaning comparison

    Rug Steam Cleaning and Rug Stain Removal are Our Specialities

    Our company specializes in Rug Cleaning Sydney service for all types of rug sizes, shapes, and materials. The best results are always achieved when we clean rugs. We have proven our worth with rug steam cleaning and rug stain removal services. Our company cleans the following types of rugs:
    Persian Rug Cleaning in Sydney, Oriental Rug Cleaning, Wool Rug Cleaning, Cotton Rug Cleaning, Jute Rug Cleaning, Silk Rug Cleaning, Vintage Rug Cleaning, Hand Made Rug Cleaning.

    Why Clean Your Rugs With 711 Carpet Cleaning?

    The right Rug Cleaning Company can make all the difference. Our solution is the answer to your concern. Give us a call today. Our primary goal is to ensure that you receive Affordable Rug Cleaning Services of the highest quality. What makes us the best rug cleaners in the business?

    • As a Professional Rug Cleaning Company, we offer both residential and commercial services.
    • When compared with other cleaning companies, we offer a very competitive rate.
    • Our same-day service means you don’t have to wait for a long time before you can get the rug cleaned by a professional.
    • We employ skilled and qualified cleaning technicians to ensure quality services to all our clients.
    • The modern machinery and technology we use for Rug Cleaning Sydney are also at our disposal.

    Get In Touch With Us For A Free No-Obligation Rug Cleaning Sydney Quote

    Look no further than 711 Carpet Cleaning if you need a professional expert for Rug Cleaning Services in Sydney. We provide reliable, friendly, well-trained, and respectful services to all our clients. To schedule a pickup or to get an estimate for Rug Cleaning Sydney contact us. We will be available at your convenient time.

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    Our Professional Rug Cleaning and Restoration With Care & Attention

    Get the needed professional rug cleaning and care with our teams who are popular for steam cleaning, dry cleaning, stain removal and sanitization services. Our professionals have the knowledge of rug fibres, rug care and rug cleaning that make them the ultimate expert for your these needs.

    Not only cleaning but also Pickup and Drop are part of our rug cleaning service facilities. All you have to do is let us know about your requirements and rest everything can be assured by our team for the safe delivery of superbly cleaned rugs.

    Free Pick-up & Drop-off

    Are your rugs in desperate need of a deep clean? If you live in the Sydney area, then look no further than Rug Cleaning Sydney. We offer free pick-up and delivery services for all rug cleaning jobs within the Sydney Basin. Whether you are in the CBD, Inner West, Eastern or Northern Suburbs, we can come to your home or business to take care of all your rug cleaning needs. So if you’re looking for the best Mosman rug cleaners, look no further than us!

    Spot Removal Experts

    Need rug cleaning services in Sydney? Our experts have the experience and skill to identify and remove even stubborn stains from wool, silk and antique rugs without affecting the dye. Call us on 02 9018 1510 for a free quote on our premium stain removal services today!free rug pickup and drop service

    Rug Cleaning Sydney – Frequently Asked Questions

    The price to clean an area rug will vary depending on the size and type of rug, but you can expect to spend anywhere from $2 to $5 per square foot.

    Professional rug cleaning costs $2 to $5 per square foot, depending on the size, quality, material, and method. A standard 5’x7′ area rug costs $100 to $300 to clean.

    Yes, we provide pickup and drop service for rug cleaning.

    Our professional follows a customised cleaning process that they plan after inspecting your rugs.

    Door mats and bathroom door rugs should be cleaned every month. However, you can clean the area rug every three months. The cleaning frequency depends on various factors so you must consider them. Also, in stains and spills cases, you must clean your rugs immediately.

    We take around 10-15 minutes to clean one rug of standard 5’x7′ size. Accordingly, you can calculate the time for your cleaning needs.

    5 to 10 years is the lifetime guaranteed by rug manufacturers under various terms and conditions. You must change your rugs between this timeline based on the condition of your rugs.

    It is your choice to clean it yourself or hire a professional. But you never forget the benefits of a professional cleaning service. For your rug safety, we recommend professional cleaning services.

    Rug Cleaning Sydney – Testimonials

    Excellent and fast service

    I called your team for my carpet stain removal work. The staff was really cooperative and understood my requirements. I was scared at first that my carpets might lose their colour. But after the cleaning, my carpets looked literally new and clean.

    Joshua, Sydney

    Always my first choice

    I called your team for odour removal and sanitization. I always trust your services when it comes to my carpets and rugs. The results are accurate every time and the carpets smell so good after the cleaning session.

    Karl, Sydney

    Very polite and helpful staff

    I called your team for carpet steam cleaning. Your carpet cleaners were really understanding. They explained the whole process and the results were excellent. I would definitely recommend your services.

    Jack, Sydney

    My carpets look sparkling clean!

    I was wondering about stains on my carpet. I’m still amazed that my carpets are stain free. I thought of getting it replaced but that was too expensive. My carpets are clean now and that too at an affordable price.

    Hudson, Sydney

    I Highly recommended it!

    I had heard a lot about your carpet cleaning services. But I was hesitant at first. But after one experience, I recommend your services to everyone like my family and neighbours. Great work!

    Patrick Chelsea, Sydney

    Words Of Our satisfied Customers

    Was able to fix my problems quickly

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    20 December 2022

    The best thing that I can say about the company’s professionals is that they were able to fix my water damage restoration problems quickly. The prices were also acceptable, and the employees were very professional. I would definitely recommend them.


    Experienced professionals

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    20 December 2022

    Our house was flooded by a broken water pipe and I needed help. I contacted the team, and they got back to me with a quote right away. I scheduled an appointment for the next day and when the team came over, they were very nice. They really knew what they were doing and had everything drying out in no time! My husband was so impressed he wants them to come every year for maintenance.

    Rilee smith

    Best water damage restoration services

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    20 December 2022

    I’ve always been concerned about water damage. I was always afraid of the consequences of flood damage. That’s why I sought out the best water damage restoration services and found 711 Carpet Cleaning Sydney. The company professionals are responsible and affordable so that is all anyone could want from a flood restoration business firm.

    John Marlin

    Our Service Area: 711 Best Rug Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

    We are the master Rug Cleaners servicing Inner West Rug Cleaning, Southern Suburbs Rug Cleaning, Eastern Suburbs Rug Cleaning, and Northern Suburbs Rug Cleaning you can check the areas listed below.

    • Rug Cleaning in Parramatta
    • Rug Cleaning in Blacktown
    • Rug Cleaning in Campbelltown
    • Rug Cleaning in Castle Hill
    • Rug Cleaning in Hornsby
    • Rug Cleaning in North Sydney
    • Rug Cleaning in Ryde
    • Rug Cleaning in Mosman
    • Rug Cleaning in Lane Cove
    • Rug Cleaning in Chatswood
    • Rug Cleaning in Baulkham Hills
    • Rug Cleaning in Cronulla
    • Rug Cleaning in Bondi
    • Rug Cleaning in Hurstville
    • Rug Cleaning in Kellyville
    • Rug Cleaning in Maroubra
    • Rug Cleaning in Caringbah
    • Rug Cleaning in Balmain
    • Rug Cleaning in Mortdale
    • Rug Cleaning in Marrickville
    • Rug Cleaning in Dural
    • Rug Cleaning in Bankstown
    • Rug Cleaning in Potts Point
    • Rug Cleaning in Rouse Hill
    • Rug Cleaning in Emu Plains
    • Rug Cleaning in Narellan
    • Rug Cleaning in Quakers Hill
    • Rug Cleaning in Greystanes
    • Rug Cleaning in Merrylands
    • Rug Cleaning in Mount Druitt
    • Rug Cleaning in Penshurst
    • Rug Cleaning in Castle Hill
    • Rug Cleaning in Seven Hills
    • Rug Cleaning in South Penrith
    • Rug Cleaning in Glenmore Park

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